There are 72 parking spaces in our grounds available. Parking charges apply to all vehicles except emergency vehicles.


The current fees are as listed on this page.

Up to 15 mins       FREE
Up to 1 hour         20p
Up to 2 hours       40p
Up to 3 hours       70p
Up to 4 hours       £1.00
Up to 5 hours       £1.50
Up to 6 hours       £2.50
Up to 7 hours       £3.50
Up to 8 hours       £5.00
Up to 9 hours       £7.00
Up to 24 hour      £10.00

The Memorial Hall Car Park is managed for us by ParkingEye Ltd. Cameras have been installed using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

The location code is 803790.

There is signage around the car park explaining how payment can be made either online with or by phone. Time can be saved by downloading an app from There is a transaction fee for each method of payment.

Any queries about the management of the car park payment system, including charges and appeals should be addressed to ParkingEye. Appeals in respect of charges must be made using the form at or by telephone (0330 555 4444) or by post to PO Box 117, Blyth, NE24 9EJ.

Any queries with regard to payment by should be via the website, email or by telephone 0333 123 5986 or by post to 40 Eaton Avenue, Matrix Park, Buckshaw Village, Chorley PR7 7NA.

Any queries with regard to payment by should be via the web site, telephone 0333 400 7275 or by post to Bishops Court, 17A The Broadway, Old Hatfield, AL9 5HZ.

For security reasons, there are no cash payment facilities on site. There is a penalty charge of £100 for non-payment or overstaying the paid period but registration with parkgood2go is strongly recommended as it will avoid the possibility of any fines.

Please note that the Memorial Hall cannot answer queries for any matters relating to the car park payment system or payment arrangements.