Up to 15 mins       FREE
Up to 1 hour         20p
Up to 2 hours       40p
Up to 3 hours       70p
Up to 4 hours       £1.00
Up to 5 hours       £1.50
Up to 6 hours       £2.50
Up to 7 hours       £3.50
Up to 8 hours       £5.00
Up to 9 hours       £7.00
Up to 24 hour      £10.00


There are 72 parking spaces in our grounds available for hall users. Although these are currently provided free of charge to Hall users, we will soon be charging for parking.


This is being done to fund ongoing maintenance of the car park, improve security and deter misuse.


The fees are as listed on this page.

The car park will be managed on behalf of the Hall by ParkingEye Ltd and they will install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras on the Hall grounds.


There will be signage around the car park and in the Hall to explain how to pay. Payment can be made by registering online with Good2go at www.parkgood2go.com or by mobile phone and payment card.


You can save time by downloading an app from www.paybyphone.com. There is a 20p transaction fee for paying by phone.


For security reasons there won’t be facilities to pay by cash. There will be penalties for non-payment or overstaying but registration with Good2go can ensure that the correct fees are paid. We strongly advise that all visitors take the time to register with www.parkgood2go.com before travelling by car to the Hall. We will announce the hall's location code soon.

Plans to hold drop-in sessions are on hold because of the virus restrictions but you may email info@pontelandmemorialhall.com for further information and assistance with registering.

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