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Parking at Ponteland Memorial Hall

Car parking at the Ponteland Memorial Hall is free at the present time and will remain free for the time being. Due to changes in parking in the village and at the schools we will need some form of car parking management system in the future. We are looking at options and will advise when one has been chosen and is being introduced.
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Some Facts about the Car Park

The car park at the Ponteland Memorial Hall is privately owned and managed by a CIO Trust. The Trustees are local residents who give their valuable time to The Hall voluntarily.

The car park is expensive to maintain and requires several thousands of Pounds every year to repair, clean, re-mark bays, lighting, insurance, and security.

Ponteland Memorial Hall is not publicly funded and we rely on rental income and car parking charges for the ongoing maintenance and running costs.

The car park really requires urgent resurfacing and re-marking of bays  in the near future.

The Hall occasionally receives some grant funding but only for for specific improvement projects, not for running costs.

Many people request free parking but  unfortunately,  for the above reasons The Hall will need to have a charge for the car park.

On a happier note, Parking Eye has been terminated from June 10th 2023-however another system will be introduced in due course.

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