The Ballroom (Main Hall)

Measuring 24m x 9m (80ft x 30ft) with a large stage and maximum capacity of 300 people. This room can be used on its own or in tandem with the Downstairs Lounge.

Hire this room for £47.50 per hour

Downstairs Lounge & Unity Bar

Measuring 16.7m x 6.7m (55ft x 22ft), this room holds a maximum of 120 people. Access to the Lounge from the main entrance can be gained via a ramp. The Unity bar is situated in this Lounge.

Hire this room for £39 per hour

Downstairs Lounge & Main Hall

Hiring both the Main Hall & Downstairs Lounge offers a significant reduction in price.

Hire both rooms from £72.50 per hour

Upstairs Lounge

Measuring 12.8m x 5.9m (42ft x 19ft), this room can accommodate up to 90 people. There is an adjoining modern fitted kitchen. A stairlift provides easy access for all.

Hire this room for £28.50 per hour

Rear Meeting Room

Measuring 6m x 5.5m (20ft x 18ft), this room is suitable for small groups to meet. There is a fully accessible unisex toilet in an adjacent room. 

Hire this room for £10.50 per hour

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